Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shaws Sucks


Sunday = Food Shopping Day

Every Sunday I get beyond excited to venture over to the happiest place on earth, Trader Joes, to bask in the glory of their vast selection of unique groceries.

It also comes to that point where the only food in my fridge is egg whites... and I cant brown bag that... or can I?

But I was too busy today playing a porn star in a movie (not a porn), updating my twitter (too much), going to core fusion (accidently without a sports bra, luckily I didn't pull a Janet),  and catching up with friends (it's been too long).  
So I missed Trader Joes :(

But then realized Shaws is open 24/7 (rumor has it).... so I headed over.  Only to discover Shaws is not Trader Joes.

In case you were wondering, here are the pros and cons of Shaw's

1.) Pro- it's open 24/7
Con- that's a myth, it actually closes at 11PM on Sundays
2.) Pro- It's huge
Con- It's huge
3.) Pro- Sometimes there are specials
Con- Those specials deceive you into spending $6 on avocados 
4.) Pro- There's a cab stand
Con- The cab stand is gone at 11PM
5.) Pro- there's an organic section
Con- It carries $15 peanut butter
6.) Pro- you can buy almost anything there
Con- which inevitably doubles your "grocery bill"  which now includes an assortment of beauty products, post-its,  and $11 bottled water which you didn't realize until after you paid the bill

In conclusion

Shaws Sucks --- Trader Joes 4 Life