Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things I don't like

Today the smallest things annoyed me.

So I'd thought I'd make a list, in hopes of avoiding them in the future:

1. Halmark Greeting Cards
2. Walking behind slow people
3. Loud people who aren't funny but think they are
4. Pants with safety pins
5. Coupons
6. Cab Drivers with high pitched voices who talk to you about coupons
7. Deceivingly cold weather
8. Anything relating to Twilight
9. Midnight calls from mother dearest
10.Being too available by spending the day online

In conclusion, I have too much spare time.

In the words of my mother from her 130AM e-mail to me: "A busy mind is a good mind." I want to say she made that up herself, but I have a feeling she read it in The Secret .
Maybe I should get a part time job and or pick up a new hobby?

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