Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When I grow up I can be anything I want to be

I get an e-mail this morning notifying me of the endless career opportunities available to me when I graduate.

I can be the manager of ValueCare Pharmacies in Ohio ....I  do like pharmacies

A liberian in Chicago... finally I can put my glasses and sweater vests to good use

Or an activities assistant at a senior center in Ohio ... I always did love old people

WOW I can do anything with my bachelors. 

I've often been told I can be anything I want to when I grow up.  Which explains my anger when I discovered I could not be the pope because I am not male or catholic.  

But these job opportunities are even more upsetting to me than when my dreams of being a pope wearing that cool hat and Prada shoes crumbled.  

Where are the job listings for the jobs I actually want:

Astronaut, rock star, movie star, mermaid....

I won't grow up. 

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