Thursday, February 18, 2010


I caught the last few minutes of a movie my roommate was watching last night. And just in those few minutes I knew I was watching a 90s movie.  This prompted me to make this list:

You know you’re watching a 90s movie when.....

1.)  The leading man’s hair is longer than the leading lady’s

2.)  Janeane Garofalo and or Steve Zahn and or David Spade make either a cameo or costar

3.)  “Stay” by Lisa Loeb plays at least once

4.)  There’s a lot of denim and flannel shirts, also It’s fashionably acceptable to tie those shirts around your waist

5.)  Everyone drinks a lot of coffee and smokes a lot of cigarettes (rebels!)

6.)  Someone’s in a band or plays the guitar

7.)  Ethan Hawke is semi attractive, but still creepy because he kind of looks like Kevin Dillion

8.)  Someone hates their parents aka teenage angst
9.)  Someone’s going to “change the world with their documentary”.
10.)  Someone’s a feminist
This all came from watching the last 20 minutes of  “Reality Bites” (1994), 

How do you spot a 90s movie?

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  1. You are so funny...You have a gift my love!!!