Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catching up with old "friends" in a hot second

So I spent a lot of time at the gym over winter break, and even made some new friends (hotties pictured above, we're in a work out posse, I complete the rainbow with my purple leotard)  Mainly I gymed it up to fill my day with some purpose other than writing and watching E! News (can you believe Paris Hilton has a new BFF and they go shopping and do lunch, just like us?!).  

But I have a love hate relationship with my gym back home.  I love that I can sneak in under my mothers name and work out for free.  See I can pass for a senior citizen.  Now if I can just get a copy of my moms license so I can get senior discounts.  My life would have that much more sparkle.   

But I hate the awkard and inevitable high school gym run-ins,  you know those when people you knew in school, you weren't best friends, maybe you borrowed a pencil once or would see them at parties, maybe you're even Facebook friends, but you have yet to use Facebook with them for it's intended purpose of  social networking and instead you socailly stalk them.  I know you all do it.  Look at the pictures of the "popular kids" at school and marvel at how they fat they got and or how stupid their pictures are.  Anyway, you run into them at the gym.  Your a little sweaty, you're not looking your best.  You make eye contact, and there's no way you want to sacrifice two minutes of your work out to have that  "let's catch up on the past four years in a second convo"  you know the one that goes something like this:

You: Oh Hi! How have you been?
Them:  Hi! I'm great.  Where are you at school again?
You: Some college, you?
Them: Another college.  When do you go back?
You: Next week.  You?
Them: Same!  Well it was great catching up.  Good to see you!

FYI thats not catching up.  So I think I step ahead.  I ignore them.  I pretend to be really focused on my iPhone like I was making the play list of all play lists or responding to an incredibly important bussiness email,  when really I was just hitting the refresh button on my empty inbox.  

And so, I win.

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