Thursday, January 8, 2009

Where Have all the Christmas Trees Gone?

I know I know it's well after Christmas.... but what if I wanted a Christmas tree - for purely un-holiday related decorative purposes?

I became a little ferclempted when I passed by my usual Christmas Tree stop -  to find it bare with only pine needles scattered on the ground.  It brought me back to two Christmases ago when my dad and I got our tree on Christmas Eve (holiday procrastination runs in the family).  Somehow, and I'm still not sure how, my dad got a veteran discount from our "Go Army" tree salesman.  I mean my dad was in the navy reserve.  He tied knots and traveled Europe on a ship.... I guess that makes him a veteran...

But I digress.  My issue at hand is the availability of  three to ten foot pine trees post December 25th.  Technically Christmas trees have nothing to do with Christmas.  They are purely decorative.  So why is it so difficult to find a Scotch Pine, Black Hills Spruce, or Balsam Fir post Christmas?  People buy other trees, flowers, bushes what have you, all of the time.  What if I wanted to decorate my abode with a Douglas Fir... is that such a crime?  I mean I can make it topical.  I'll put pastel eggs on it for Easter, coat it with American flags for the Forth of July,  and cover it  with spiderwebs for Halloween.  And if anyone asks me what a Christmas Tree is doing in my living room in July I will respond, "it's not a christmas tree, it's a tree for all seasons".  I mean after "Christmas trees" come from the evergreen family.  So I should be able to get and decorate pine tree whenever I want. 

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