Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cape Check?

I wore a sweater cape out in public last night.   

This inevitably lead to a night of  bashing from my friends.  

I love capes.  Capes allow your arms to be free,  you feel like a super hero, and they're trendy. But according to my friends capes serve no purpose, they make you look like a bat, and were trendy... in 2002.  

The best part about last night was when bars asked if we wanted to check our coats.  My friends would reply, "Please, but do you have a cape check for Gabi?"

As much as I want to think that my friends are wrong, and it's okay to rock sweater capes,  I just discovered they may have a point.  I came across the website, which sells all eco-friendly sweater capes to women over 60. (see hotties above)

Okay I think its time I check my cape.... for good*.

*some people can pull off sweater capes, I've just come to accept I may not be one of those people 

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