Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Unsexy and the city

I find a lot of crap on the streets of Boston.

Empty beer cans.

Crumbled up Metros. (the newspaper and the men)

The freedom trail.

So you could imagine my curiosity when I came across this:

A lone black high heel with a Dr. Scholls pad.

A shoe says a lot about a person.   A heel shows that person probably doesnt do a lot of walking (I mean let's be honest how many cobble stone blocks can one strut in  stillettos?) 

But, there was nothing glamorous about this heel.  If the Dr. Scholls wasn't enough, the sides were worn and creased by what must have been a heavy stomper.   The shoe's pleather appeared to be fringing at the edges.

In fact when I looked closer I noticed something.  The shoe was VERY large.  If I had to guesstimate I would say it was a size 14 (do they make sizes that big?)  It must have been a drag queen's. 

I immediately thought of the shoe's situation.  What prompted the owner to leave it here?  Where was the match?   And what was the drag queen doing hopping down Mass Ave with one Payless pump?  I bet the owner was just like "Fuck it" and threw the shoe.   Or maybe it's leftover from a shoe hit and run.  Or perhaps it was some artist who was trying to make a statement about feminism or some bullshit and thought a blogger like myself would be intrigued.

Well you got me. 

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