Friday, December 19, 2008

Things I wish my iPhone did

I have a love/hate relationship with my iPhone.

Here's how I think my phone could step it up a notch:

1. Be a LightSaber - I'm not saying it needs to cut things,  all I'm asking is for it to shoot out a light - because that would be really cool. On second thought if it cut things that would be convenient.  Someone would ask me if I had a knife and I would reply, "no but I have an iPhone."

2.  Have Skype - How cool would it be if you could video chat your calls?  I mean not for everyone especially not for my parents.   That would completely defeat the purpose of telling them I'm somewhere that I'm not when I'm out past curfew (yes I'm in college and still have a curfew when I come home) - but it would be fun to at least have that option

3.  Have a talking GPS -  when I got lost my first time driving in LA I took Melrose down to east LA driving an hour away from my intended destination --- thanks iPhone for not speaking up

4. Stay N' SYNC ....and I don't mean the band - I'm impressed that my phone syncs my iCal - it's like magic - so if it can do that, can't it sync my music and phones as well?   Because that would be awesome

5. Be more compatible - It's sad that iPod docks aren't meant for iPhones... it's very sad

6.  Stop taking pictures of yourself - I don't understand how or why it does this but it's getting out of hand (see picture above)

I just wanted to express these suggestions.  I am grateful for the phone that I have.  I do realize there are people out there who don't have a phone as cool as mine.    But I'd just thought I'd share... This is just what I have been deeply thinking about lately....


  1. I like that you have the Magic 8 Ball and the PhoneSaber apps...I personally prefer the Star Wars sponsored Lightsaber app.

  2. PS - Taking a screen capture happens when you press the top button and the home button simultaneously for a about 1 second. Annoying, I know.

  3. ah many thanks. Does the star wars one shoot out a light from the phone? I'm hoping for that