Thursday, December 18, 2008

I've come to accept its the holiday season

So I saw Four Christmases.... yes that's how you spell it... doesn't a plural Christmas look strange?!

I am a holiday hype hater.  I cringe at the sound of a premature "Deck the Halls."  I shiver when "Santa" spooks me at CVS on Black Friday (apparently he hangs out there these days).  I dread the moment when candy canes replace candy corn.  Rushing the seasons makes me feel like October - January is just one jam packed holiday month.  

But then I reach a time when I start accepting it 'tis the season.   I watch as many holiday movies as possible, (Home Alone is my fav, but I only own it on VHS), I eat lots of holiday can sweets (which all taste best with ice cream) and see those new Holiday Movie releases.

Which is why I saw Four Christmases tonight with my faux hawk loving mom... who unfortunately chooses not to sport her new do in public...yet.

The film had all the ingredients for a holiday flick:

1.) A Predictable Plot - I mean the title is called 4 Christmas... guess what Resse and Vince spend the entire 124 minutes doing....

2.) Things That Don't Happen In Real Life - live reporters do not put unsuspecting people live on camera and this certainly would never happen on more than one occasion

3.) Egg Nog -  I see more egg nog in holiday movies than I do in real life - which makes me sad because I like egg nog

I've come to accept it ... 

So this is Christmas....

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