Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This is where I want to get my "hair did"

I passed this salon today in Fairfield (AKA John Mayer's hometown).  I'm not sure how I feel about it's name.

Do you get your hair cut  because it's too long or because you want to start a trend?

So I took the liberty and wrote a script for a local low budget commercial for Trendsetters Salon.  I'm thinking grainy footage and stock 80s music and bubble letters.

Friend: Hey did you do something  to your hair?
Costumer: Yeah I got it cut at Trendsetters Salon.
Friend:  Oh that explains the mullet.
Customer: Don't worry!  Every haircut at Trendsetters Salon is guaranteed to start a trend.  Soon this hair-don't will be the new hair-do.
Friend: Wow!  I think I'll get that mushroom cut I always wanted.
Customer: Do it! Just make sure you get it set at Trendsetters!

Announcer:  Trendsetter Salon.  Because it takes a bad haircut to start a trend.

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