Friday, August 21, 2009


This is an important question.  I always thought it was illegal, but the fine people at Mustang seem to think differently.

A Mustang ad featured in the back of  Rolling Stone reads "It's not hard to give into your Mustang side.  Even if you are legally blind."

Then there is a picture of a man with sunglasses and a cowboy hat on driving a Mustang.  

I'm assuming he's the blind guy because you'd have to be vision impaired to think a cowboy hat is a fine choice in headpieces.

Oh but it gets better.

Below it assures me that yes, this is a blind guy operating the cobalt blue Mustang as it reads:

"Roger Keeney lost his sight 20 years ago.  But that didn't stop him from unleashing his Mustang side in a new 2010 Mustang."

Okay I get it.  Mustangs are such an obviously choice in cars that even a blind guy could "see" it.

But this ad is also hazardous saying blind people should drive cars.  I'm pretty sure that's not only illegal but also impossible.  

In this ad Rodger is driving by himself.  That can't be too safe for a blind guy.

So basically the people at Mustang are liars.  If they're telling me blind people can drive, and I know that's a lie, then I don't believe that it's not hard to give into your "mustang side"or  whatever the hell that means.

Also this ad is discriminatory.  If they really wanted blind people to drive Mustangs, they would've made this ad in brail. 

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