Thursday, August 27, 2009


A lot of people I know have recently gotten married.  I wasn't invited to any of these weddings.  But, it's no big deal because thanks to Facebook photos I can pretend that I was there.   

I think I am one of the few girls that has never really fantasized about my wedding.  This could be attributed to my seemingly permeant single status or my doubt of ever having been love.  

Unlike Monica Geller and any female lead in a romantic comedy, I never had a wedding book, or a wedding wish list.  With my luck I'll probally marry a guy who has all that planned out.  Only to discover a few years later that he's gay.

I think my mom has it all planned. I remember being three years old and walking by Vera Wang on fifth ave and my mom saying, "Gabriella, one day we'll get your wedding dress there." Like I knew what any of that meant at the time.

The whole idea of a big wedding and a wedding dress seems a little crazy to me. You see, I'm a sensible shopper.  I only splurge if I can justify years of wear out of the item.  

So how do you rationalize the wear-age of a wedding dress?  Women spend thousands on those big pouffy white designer dresses that they wear for a few hours and then never touch again. 

At least you can reuse a prom dress, and those don't cost nearly as much.  If you're crafty you can leave the tag on and return it.  Also, it's easy to reuse a prom dress.  

Wear it to different dances in different zip codes, wear it to weddings, or wear it to a red carpet event.   I had two prom dresses.  They were from BCBG and exactly the same, only one was red and the other was white.  I wore them to winter formals, two different proms and since they were red and white my friend Allie and I wore them to be "Holiday Barbies"  in our choir's Christmas pagent.  No one got it.  They just kept asking me why I was wearing my prom dress and why I was dumb enough to buy the same dress in two different colors.  I learned a few days ago my mom sold them both on eBay without my concent.  Thanks a lot, Mom. 

So I thought I'd be creative. Here are ten ways you can reuse a wedding dress (inspired by my prom dress usage of course).

1.)MOVE-Get married in another town, wear the same dress, no one will know
2.)HALLOWEEN- you could be the Bride of Frankinstein, A Bridezilla, or a zombie Bride
3.)RUNAWAY BRIDE- wear it around town, preferably on a rainy day and just burst into coffee shops telling people you're a run away bride (*cough* Friends)  that has to get you at least a coffee or something.
4.) BACHELORETTE PARTY-  Okay, since this works for bachelorette parties I'm guessing it would work for actual brides too.  If you just went into a bar in your wedding dress that has to get you a free drink or something.
5.) GIVE IT TO YOUR DAUGHTER - this is probably the least logical thing here, chances are you may not have a girl and if you have a girl she may not like your style
6.)  SELL IT ON E-BAY - just like my mom did to my prom dress! If you say it was a celeb's you might even be able to get more money for it.
7.)  KEEP THE TAG - keep the tag on and go back to the place or purchase in tears claiming he left you at the alter
8.) MAKE AN OUTFIT OUT OF IT-  They totally did this on Project Runway.  You can dye it, cut it up and make another dress, blazer, skirt, corset top, what have you, out of it.  But, you might want to have some experience in design before you start cutting.
9.) WEAR IT ON A DAILY BASIS - to the store, to the gym, anywhere you go during your day wear your dress, pretend like nothing is abnormal.  If anyone asks just say you're trying to get your bang for your buck.
10.) BLIND DATES- sign up for a dating website (I prefer J-Date) and just go on the dates in your wedding dress and comedy will ensue.

You're welcome. 

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  1. Thank you for doing this, I got some good laughs outta it :)